Season Hosted by Bri Hillock & Mary Cate Sansoterra

Lucid Connections

Saturday @ 1 PM on B-SideSpecialty

Lucid Connections specializes in associating songs YOU love with memories you DON’T have. Our show would be based on the concept of oddly specific song connotations. It’s one thing to think a song makes you happy or sad, but it’s another thing to hear a song and go, “ah, yes. This makes me feel like I’m at Target in ninth grade, anxiously awaiting my AP Human test grade.” Each week, we’d have a new theme to dance around with and play songs for. Possible themes include niche travel destinations (“This next song reminds me of going to a beat-down roller rink”), repressed memories (“This song reminds me of when I used to go to Buffalo Wild Wings in seventh grade in knock-off Doc Martens and eyeliner”), and the ~witching hour~ (“Here’s Kate Bush”). Lucid Connections is a part-storytelling experience where we explain to you exactly what chaos cocktail our brain stirs with each song. If you’ve ever wanted to hear a loosely coherent inner monologue alongside some bangin’ tunes, Lucid Connections is the place to tune in.