Listen to B-Side

B-Side is WIUX’s internet radio station. B-Side is not regulated by the FCC, so you may hear content that would normally be censored on an FM broadcast.

Tuesday @ 8 PM • R&B


Season 4Hosted by Naari Jeong and Eyob Moges
Wednesday @ 12 PM • Talk

de la Roci

Season Hosted by Rocio Rodriguez-Saucedo
Wednesday @ 7 PM • Talk

Okay to Say

Season 1Hosted by Claire Pittenger, Gloria Kliebhan, and Martha Manges
Thursday @ 12 PM • Rap

Wass Good B

Season 1Hosted by Guillermo Lithgow
Thursday @ 9 PM • Punk

Sad Girl Radio

Season 2Hosted by Elaina Werbiansky and Reilyn Sanderson
Saturday @ 10 AM • Talk

Sustain Train

Season 2Hosted by Sophie Lahey and Alex Johnson
Saturday @ 11 AM • Rock

Peak in the 60s

Season 1Hosted by Nick Mockus and Max Schaefer
Saturday @ 12 PM • World

Hello Hallyu

Season 1Hosted by Dylan Gallagher and Rachel Rosenberg
Saturday @ 3 PM • Talk

Sick Picks

Season 1Hosted by Joey Conway and Rachel Fisher
Sunday @ 10 PM • Rap

Loercase Radio

Season 1Hosted by Chazz Mack and Malik Benberry