Season Hosted by Elijah Hirsch, Connor Rafferty, Mitch Toher

Stick Talk

Tuesday @ 4 PM on 99.1 FMTalk

Stick Talk is 99.1 WIUX LP Bloomington’s premier talk program. Join Elijah, Connor, and Mitch as they discuss the hot topics of the week, ask whether Kanye West really DID say that (spoiler alert: uh, yeah he did!), discuss the collegiate experience in post-Britain 21st century America, and give helpful hints for navigating life (and VIDEO GAMES, if you’re like Elijah!), and, of course, FOOTBALL!!! Children 4 and up are allowed, and encouraged, to tune in–this show isn’t a choking hazard, unless you count choking from laughter a hazard! Sit back, relax, and do the Michael Scarn!