Season Hosted by Elijah Hirsch, Connor Rafferty

CrasH Talk

Tuesday @ 4 PM on 99.1 FMSpecialty

CrasH Talk is WIUX LP Bloomington’s flagship talk program, an award-nominated weekly symposium moderated by Elijah Hirsch and Connor Rafferty, two of the most highly distinguished and elite thinkers among the Bloomington intelligentsia. This is Barstool for brainiacs, a true meeting of the minds where topics covered are as diverse as football (the real kind, not that vulgar playground pastime Americans would be better off calling “handegg”), quantum finite automata, string theory, the structures of feeling inherent to citizenry in Post-Britain America, international politics, poop, and The Federalist Papers. Whether you’re a baby genius or just a baby, an hour of CrasH Talk will take you to immeasurably profound depths of understanding and enlightenment and bring you to elevated mental, physical, and spiritual states of being–and who knows, maybe even make you laugh a little on the way there ;). So sit down, put on your Beats, and enter the New Providence.