the 33rd annual

Culture Shock
Music Festival

IMU Alumni Hall
April 20, 2019
Presented by

Culture Shock 2019 will be moved to Alumni Hall due to rain and cold temperatures.


ArtistApproximate Time
IU Music Production Club (DJ IKE)12:25pm-12:45pm
Allison Victoria12:45pm-1:15pm
DJ Maddog1:15pm-1:35pm
Willis & Diop1:35pm-2:35pm
DJ Maddog2:35pm-2:55pm
DJ Maddog3:30pm-3:50pm
The Slaps3:50pm-4:25pm
VD Collective4:25pm-4:45pm
VD Collective5:20pm-5:35pm
Black Belt Eagle Scout5:35pm-6:15pm
VD Collective6:15pm-6:30pm
Lala Lala6:30pm-7:15pm
VD Collective7:15pm-7:30pm
VD Collective8:30pm-8:45pm


Dunn Meadow is a short walking distance from the city of Bloomington’s vibrant downtown area.

The Biddle Hotel and Conference Center at the Indiana Memorial Union is steps away from Dunn Meadow. You can find more hotels at Visit Bloomington.

Street parking is available for free on weekends for many of the off-campus streets near Dunn Meadow. Additionally, all parking spaces on the IU campus marked CH or ST, as well as IU parking garages, are free on weekends. See this page for more information.


Musicians, bands, and managers interested in performance opportunities at Culture Shock should contact the WIUX Special Events Director.

News and media outlets interested in covering Culture Shock should contact the WIUX Public Relations Director.

Businesses and organizations interested in sponsoring or partnering with Culture Shock should contact the WIUX Business Director.

Don’t fall into any of these categories? Send us an e-mail anyway.


Video & Photo Policy

No third-party video or photography of the artist is allowed at Culture Shock 2019 during the duration of the festival.

All first-party photography or video footage will be produced by WIUX staff, and will be made accessible to third-party media organizations who submit a Press Request via email to the WIUX Public Relations Director. Video and film may be taken of the crowd, attendees, vendors, or festival in general, but NOT the artists unless provided by WIUX. By contacting the WIUX Public Relations Director, the media organization agrees that WIUX will be providing photos and video to the media organization after the festival has completed. The media organization may use the photos and videos sent by WIUX under the condition that the individual who produced the photo or video will get photo credit on the media organizations published content. (i.e. "Courtesy of [Photographer Name] via WIUX.")


All media organizations are invited to Culture Shock on April 20th, 2019. Outlets can interview the WIUX Staff, attendees, vendors, but NOT the artists booked for the festival. If you would like to interview members of the WIUX Staff the day of the festival, the outlet must directly contact the WIUX Public Relations Director prior to Wednesday, April 17th. These individuals will be issued a special press pass that allows access to a quiet press area where the outlet can interview our staff members.

Additional information and past lineups are available here.