WIUX Mission Statement

WIUX provides educational and developmental opportunities for all IU students regardless of what their majors or career plans may be. Our station is entirely staffed by students who dedicate their time and effort to maintain the traditions and ideals that have existed in IU Campus Radio for over four decades. In addition, WIUX strives to provide quality, community-oriented programming that offers an alternative to commercial and ratings driven radio which is abundant on the dial today. Our goal is to provide music, news, and sports coverage that cannot be found elsewhere in our community.

WIUX Vision Statements


Above all else, we hope to provide students with opportunities to pursue their interests in an open and inclusive environment. Our goal is to help our staff to become well-rounded individuals by supplementing their work in the university with real-world experience and helping them to develop valuable skills that will aid them long after they leave the university setting.


WIUX hopes to enrich our community on the airwaves and off by creating entertaining, unique, and engaging programming and by hosting, sponsoring, and supporting events that help to create and maintain the unique atmosphere that exists within Bloomington.


WIUX has a commitment to two separate, but connected communities. We strive to serve IU as well as our community beyond Sample Gates. We hope to act as an entity that unites our city and its residents by providing enriching entertainment and information that is important, timely, and relevant.

Values Statement


We allow IU students to gain real-world experience that will help them achieve their objectives. Mistakes are not viewed negatively, but are seen as chances to learn and improve. We learn and grow with our community and change with the times.


We expect the best from our staff on-air and off. We treat every minute of airtime and station event as a chance to give our community the best we have to offer. Everything we do reflects not only the hard work and dedication of our student staff, but also the standards of Indiana University and the Bloomington community.


WIUX holds true to its ideals and mission. All actions that the station takes are in the best interest of Indiana University and the Bloomington community. WIUX supports causes, businesses, groups, and individuals that are just and worth supporting.


WIUX is operated entirely by students. WIUX offers programming that is not available anywhere else. WIUX makes decisions not based on trends, but on the outcome for our staff, university, and community. We will not ignore our community’s needs or otherwise diminish our integrity for any reason.