Interested in joining WIUX for the Spring 2019 semester? Click here!

Becoming a member of WIUX is easy. Any IU students interested in learning more about radio or broadcasting music, news, or sports programming are welcome to attend meeting times or office hours that are listed on the contact page. You don’t need any prior experience, a particular major, or any specific professional aspirations. People of all backgrounds, experiences, and futures call WIUX their home.

I want to be a DJ!

Any IU student can be a DJ at WIUX. There is a callout meeting at the beginning of each semester that new and returning DJs should attend for more information. Specific times and dates will be posted on this website and through announcements at events around campus. Additionally, an application will be available on this website for DJs to fill out. Keep in mind that not all applicants can be offered a position as slots are limited. DJs that have been active participants in WIUX committees and activities will receive top priority.

Am I assured a DJ shift?

Because of the volume of applicants, DJ shifts at WIUX are limited. Be assured we make every attempt to work around applicants’ schedules when assigning shifts. WIUX offers many other opportunities, however. Committees are the backbone of the station, and they provide the valuable experience that employers look for. All DJs must serve on at least one committee.


Music: Have you ever heard a band and thought to yourself “Why doesn’t anybody know about this?” or “I want this to be on the radio more often!”? The WIUX Music Committee is the perfect opportunity for you! In this committee we share our favorite music and help decide what should be on air when there is no DJ in the studio; you can help determine the direction of the music for our radio station.

Business: The WIUX Business Committee deals with the finances and monetary transactions at WIUX, whether it’s budgeting, reimbursing, or payment. Business works closely with Special Events to plan the Culture Shock Music Festival.

Special Events: Do you have a passion for live music, artist research, and event planning? If so, then the WIUX Special Events Committee encourages you to join us in a multitude of event planning endeavors. This committee is responsible for coordinating, planning, and executing WIUX events. This includes events such as the Culture Shock Music Festival, the WIUX Venue Series shows, Pledge Drive, College Radio Day, Open Mics, and many more. Students who are passionate about artist booking, event coordination, promotions, talent buying, and label/agent/industry affairs are encouraged to join. For more information, check out the Culture Shock website and look out for our events on Facebook.

Public Relations: Interested in establishing connections with student organizations and local businesses while also promoting various WIUX events? The WIUX Public Relations committee offers a unique opportunity to create diverse partnerships with campus and community stakeholders in addition to individually promoting WIUX. Whether it’s helping come up with events to raise money for the station during our annual Pledge Drive week, connecting with student groups to do radio shows or podcasts, selling merchandise around campus, or working with other students across Indiana University to create events like the IU Student Media Conference, PR offers a multitude of ways to get involved with WIUX, the IU campus, and the Bloomington community.

Art: The WIUX Art Committee is the face of WIUX. This team of graphic designers, artists, and other visual people are responsible for the curation and promotion of the WIUX brand, as well as the creation of visual pieces for marketing and advertising purposes. Specifically, we design posters for events, station merchandise, graphics for online content, and more.

Sales: If you enjoy networking and meeting new people in the community, then sales is for you! The Sales committee is in charge of selling underwriting and advertising space, and gaining sponsorships for WIUX events. It is a great way to gain marketable skills and build relationships with people in the Bloomington community.

News: WIUX News is committed to providing IU students and the greater Bloomington community with intriguing and factually-sound investigative reporting and commentary. We host a variety of news-based programs on air, publish articles on our website, and produce podcasts. The WIUX News Committee is the prime committee to join if you’re obsessed with writing and discussing a myriad of current events.

Event DJ: The WIUX Event DJ committee meets weekly to talk about our favorite dance music and plan events – any level of experience with DJing is welcome here! As an active member you’ll learn how to set up and operate our live PA system and have the opportunity to DJ events that our committee gets asked to do by university organizations, local nonprofits, and more. Most importantly, you’ll have the chance to meet and learn from people who share your budding passion. All that’s required is an interest in dance music and the desire to learn more and grow!

Production: Ever wonder how the prerecorded audio that you hear on the radio is made? The WIUX Production Committee works on creating and producing that content! In this committee you will learn how to record, edit, and produce the audio that you hear broadcasted from the station. From liners and PSAs to underwriting and sweepers, this committee takes care of it all and is great for anyone who is interested in audio production. This is the perfect committee for getting hands-on experience for those who are looking to get into the production side of radio broadcasting.

Sports: WIUX Sports is the committee home to all of your Indiana Athletics coverage needs. Through WIUX we offer a multitude of opportunities including broadcasting some of the biggest college athletics events in the nation along with hosting sports talk shows every week. If you have an interest in sports broadcasting, a student radio experience is pivotal to developing the skills needed for a career, and through WIUX we can offer you all of the opportunities you need to develop those skills.

Web Content: If you’re interested in writing about music, pop culture, movies, books, your dog’s favorite songs, or anything else you can possibly imagine, this is the committee for you. There’s no limit to what you can create! The WIUX Web Content committee gives you a chance to practice writing in an environment that encourages growth and creativity while challenging yourself to write about new genres and in new styles. You can create unique content to build a portfolio and even cover live events such as local concerts, community events, and national festivals like Pitchfork, Lollapalooza, and Forecastle. You can check out the work of this committee right here on this website!

Social Media: If you’ve ever seen a WIUX post on social media, you’ve seen the work of this committee. From DJ spotlights to live show coverage, the WIUX Social Media Committee provides the opportunity to practice promotional writing, photography, videography, video production, and whatever else you can imagine. It’s like the outstretched hand of the station.

Programming: This is a great committee to be involved in for those specifically interested in the on-air and programming side of radio. The WIUX Programming Committee focuses on WIUX on-air content. Its role is to help improve the station and ensure the quality of our programming. Committee members will be asked to review shows, ensure selected formats are being followed, and to provide feedback to DJs.

Engineering: Engineering committee is responsible for planning, producing, directing, and releasing WIUX Live Sessions with local Bloomington artists as well as artists outside of the area. We record the sessions in Studio 7 of the IU Media School, as well as in other locations on a per-session basis. Coordination with the performers, shooting camera footage, and multitrack audio recording are the first stages; we then edit the video, mix the audio, and combine the two. You can check out our work by clicking on “Watch” in the navigation menu.