Becoming a member of WIUX is easy. You don’t need any prior experience, a particular major, or any specific professional aspirations. People of all backgrounds and experiences call WIUX their home.

I want to be a DJ!

Applications for Spring 2020 are open! Fill out the application here!

Any IU student can be a DJ at WIUX. There is a callout meeting at the beginning of each semester that new and returning DJs should attend for more information. Specific times and dates will be posted on our social media. Additionally, an application will be available for DJs to fill out. DJs that have been active participants in WIUX teams and activities will receive top priority.

Am I assured a DJ shift?

Because of the volume of applicants, DJ shifts at WIUX are limited. Be assured we make every attempt to work around applicants’ schedules when assigning shifts. WIUX offers many other opportunities, however. Teams are the backbone of the station, and they provide the valuable experience that employers look for. All DJs must serve on at least one team.


Business Relations/Public Relations: Help WIUX grow and maintain relationships with business and organizations in Bloomington and beyond

Content: Write articles for the website, produce and edit video content, photograph and edit events and shows, and create art and graphics for posters, merchandise, social media, and more


Event DJ: DJ events around campus

Live Sessions: Film and record WIUX Live Sessions

Marketing: Be the face of WIUX through graphics, social media, and PR

Music: Curate what plays on WIUX

News: Weekly news hours and other content opportunities

Operations: Learn about the radio operations of WIUX and make liners and PSAs for airplay

Podcasts: Create and host podcasts that are published on the WIUX website, iTunes, and Google Play

Special Events: Assist with event promotion and planning for Culture Shock Music Festival and other WIUX events

Sports: Opportunities including broadcasting some of the biggest college athletics events in the nation along with hosting sports talk shows every week