State of the Station: July 2014

In May, I released a statement saying that WIUX would be moving out of 815 E. 8th Street this summer, but we didn’t know where to. In June, I was able to unveil our new temporary home, which is 715-717 E. 8th. Now, I get to announce that this saga is over. We will be moving out of 815 E. 8th Street on July 22-23.

To commemorate our time in 815, we will be doing one full day of live broadcasting on Monday, July 21.  During this day, people will be able to enter the house, take pictures, tell stories of their memories in the house, and most importantly, say good bye. This is going to be an emotional day for all of us involved, so we ask everyone who will be coming through 815 to be respectful of the staff members who are broadcasting as well as those who will be hanging out in the house.

Once we are out of 815, the building will be turned over to IU Real Estate and we will not be allowed back inside. We ask everyone to respect this as well. We have a new house to call home and we want to start this transition off positively. From someone who has personally moved many times, I know it is difficult to leave a place that you have an emotional attachment to. But, like I have stated in previous pieces, we are WIUX wherever we are. Our walls do not define who we are; rather it is the content and quality of our broadcasts. WIUX is a place where our student volunteers have the opportunity to create a community. I’m positive that this will take place in 715-717 E. 8th.

If you are interested in having a DJ shift, contact me at, by Friday. If you have any questions, feel free to email me or Sarah Thompson (

Carolyn Suna, General Manager