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If you would like to be a part of WIUX by joining a committee, please visit and scroll down to view a description of all committees. You can also email a director directly to get on their committee mailing list!

For any additional programming questions, please contact Conor for 99.1 FM at or Lindsey for B-Side at

How can I get involved?

Becoming a member of WIUX is easy. Any IU students interested in learning more about radio or broadcasting music, news, or sports programming are welcome to attend meeting times or office hours that are listed on the contact page of this website. Additionally, new members should fill out a member application at the bottom of this page. You don’t need any prior experience, be any particular major, or have any specific professional aspirations. People of all backgrounds, experience, and futures call WIUX their home.

I want to be a DJ!

Any IU student can be a DJ at WIUX. There is a call-out meeting at the beginning of each fall, spring, and summer semester that new and returning DJs should attend for more information. Specific times and dates will be posted on this website and through announcements at events around campus. Additionally, an application will be available on this website for DJs to fill out. Keep in mind that not all applicants can be offered a position as slots are limited. DJs that have been active participants in WIUX committees and activities will receive top priority.

Am I assured a DJ shift?

Because of the volume of applicants, DJ shifts at WIUX are limited. Be assured we make every attempt to work around applicants’ schedules when assigning shifts. WIUX offers many other opportunities, however. Committees are the backbone of the station, and they provide the valuable experience that employers look for those who serve on them. No matter your major or interests, WIUX has a committee for you, including: Sports, News, Underwriting, Music, Special Events, Promotions, Web Content/Blog and Public Relations. All DJs must serve on at least one committee.

Time Slots

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