all them witches

All Them Witches–Sleeping Through the War

If you like your rock scuzzy, psychedelic with Grateful Dead and Allman Brothers Band inspired jams, a dash of desert rock, all while sounding like Black Sabbath could have written it, ‘Sleeping Through the War’ might be your album of the year.



“Friend Zone” is Thundercat’s third released single in anticipation for this album and it is my favorite song on the entire album.


Show Review: ByBye with Video Grave and Park Stone

In the up-and-coming neighborhood of Fountain Square in Indianapolis, a new record store called Square Cat Vinyl recently opened. Or, I guess I should probably say a new record store/coffee shop/bar/concert venue recently opened. It’s modern, cool, and one of the things that neighborhood was missing. Then again I might be biased, since my boyfriend’s…