Getting to know Amy O

Listen to our conversation with Bloomington artist, Amy O, and check out some pages from the zines she helps facilitate through Rhino’s Youth Center.

Candidates for IU Student Government Debate in Town Hall

In an attempt to engage with students and debate some important and contested topics, all of the tickets running for IUSA, or the Indiana University Student Association, met for a town hall event at the Indiana Memorial Union on March 7th. Five tickets attended, including IGNITE, Refund Supreme, Empower IU, Focus for IUSA, and Engage…

IU Senior Relates to Michael Brown Sr.’s Story

Michael Brown Sr., whose unarmed son died in a police shooting in Ferguson, Missouri in 2014, spoke at “The Social Justice Seminar: Confronting Racism and Healing Our Communities,” on Wednesday night at the Indiana Memorial Union. In the audience, a cross-legged Hispanic girl sat to hear a story that was all too familiar. Bella Chavez, an…

Catching up with Nikki Lane

Ahead of her show at the Bluebird this Thursday, country queen Nikki Lane took time out of her hectic touring schedule to have a conversation about the current state of country music, the importance of style, and her new record, Highway Queen.

Women in Business Host Keynote Speaker at Kelley

Situated in a lecture room at Hodge Hall, home of the Kelley School of Business, a woman addressed a small crowd of budding businesspeople, arrayed in short-sleeve tops and skirts. The name of the speaker was Tiffany Olson, president of Nuclear Pharmacy Services at Cardinal Health. Olson served as the keynote speaker at “React to…