WIUX Artist Showcase with Chris Dollar

For our first episode, we’re delighted to have guitarist, banjoist, and singer-songwriter Chris Dollar, who played some fantastic tunes and talked about his background and love for bluegrass, John Hartford, and the inspiration for his music.

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It’s not even February, but “Wyclef Jean” is the video of the year

It’s only the third week of 2017, but I’m comfortable going on the record and calling Young Thug’s “Wyclef Jean” video the best video of the year. However, it’s probably not even fair to call it Thugger’s video. If you haven’t seen “Wyclef Jean”, the premise is simple. Young Thug contacted Pomp&Clout about directing his…


Show Review: ByBye with Video Grave and Park Stone

In the up-and-coming neighborhood of Fountain Square in Indianapolis, a new record store called Square Cat Vinyl recently opened. Or, I guess I should probably say a new record store/coffee shop/bar/concert venue recently opened. It’s modern, cool, and one of the things that neighborhood was missing. Then again I might be biased, since my boyfriend’s…