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College Radio Day- Why Tori Ziege Loves WIUX

My love of sports came before my love of radio. It was a freak incident that began in fifth grade: the day that our class was making Super Bowl predictions. “Seahawks,” I told the girl setting next me. “Steelers,” she said, because her family was from Pittsburg. We bet a dollar. I watched my first…


Little 500 Race Director Jordan Bailey on “The Tall Trio”

Little 500 Race Director and friend of the show Jordan Bailey came in studio to talk with Robby, Sam and Connor about both the men’s and women’s races from this past weekend. Listen to the interview below as TTT and “J.B.” recapped this year and looked ahead to next year.


Little 500: A Freshman’s Perspective

As a freshman here at Indiana when I first arrived at campus it was easy to immediately see how huge bike racing is here. Whenever walking around campus, I would see people riding bikes to and from class and up treacherous Fee Mountain. While some people are riding for leisure, most people riding are beginning…


Cutters Gunning for Record 13th Little 500 Win

Indiana University, known for its beautiful campus, rich basketball tradition, the Kinsey Institute, the Kelley School of Business, but maybe most of all the Little 500. The race, made famous by the Oscar nominated Best Picture, Breaking Away, is now in its 63rd year. The Cutters, a team not in existence before the movie, is…


Wright Cycling Preview

The Wright Cycling team has finished 20 spots higher than where they qualified each of the past two years. This year, they are looking to move up 18 spots. In 2012 and 2013, the team qualified 30th and 31st, only to finish 10th and 11th respectively. This spring, they qualified in 18th position, and have…


Phi Kappa Tau fraternity competes to restore Little 500 prowess

Before this year’s Little 500 Qualifications, junior Jared Beamer had no cycling experience. He simply wanted to heed his mother’s advice, and be able look back on his college years without counting wishes. Junior Jacques Poirier had spent years on a bicycle, but only on mountain trails. The transition from mountain biking to road biking…


Little 500: Here we go again

Here we go – it’s that time of the year once again, ladies and gentlemen. Little 500 week. The three words as exciting to an IU student’s ears as the event itself. And what’s not to get excited about? It’s an entire April week of partying, concerts, beautiful weather, and of course, the race itself.…


Natalie Laser of Ski Club follows in her siblings’ Little 500 footsteps

Coming around the fourth turn during her Qualifications run, Ski cyclist Natalie Laser saw a familiar and calming face on the infield — that of her brother Tom. Tom, a former rider (and champion) with Beta Theta Pi, had come down from John Marshall ­­­­­Law School in Chicago to provide support for his sister and her…


Chris Craig of Beta Theta Pi on “The Tall Trio”

Chris Craig of defending champion ‪Beta Theta Pi‬‬ called into discuss this Saturday’s Little 500 with The Tall Trio. Craig was one of the dominant riders in the Spring Series and is sure to be a contending sprinter in this year’s race, which you can catch live on WIUX this Saturday.