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Foo Fighters – Sonic Highways

Released 11/10/2014 5/7 Stars Foo Fighters are one of the biggest examples of a “love them or hate them” following. People who identify as a fan of the band tend to do it hard, creating die-hard fandom that’s made them one of the biggest rock bands of our time. Their latest studio effort, their eighth album Sonic…

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Music For Your Monday

Well there’s snow on the ground. It’s cold. I drove past a sign in rural Indiana in front of a church that said “Ebola Relief Concert.” That’s our theme for Culture Shock this year. Sorry for spoiling it. I don’t have much to say, so here’s some music for this very cold and snowy Monday.…


5 Reasons Why Being a Cat is the Best Halloween Costume

Halloweekend is over, and while some of you might be counting down already to next year’s spooky festivities I’d like to do a quick run through of why dressing up like a cat is one of the most perfect Halloween costumes there is.   1)      People Know Exactly What You’re Dressed As. Being a cat…


Interview With Indy Star’s Gregg Doyel

The Roundtable’s Ben Wittenstein, Greg Gottfried, and Matt Dlugie talk to the Indy Star’s newest sports columnist, Gregg Doyel. They talk the Pacers’ future, Colts playoff hopes, Andrew Luck’s elite status, and IU basketball’s tournament hopes.

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Get Excited for Nutella Fest 2014

A music festival you might think would only find a home in the world of Willy Wonka might just place you in a chocolate coma this Friday, Oct. 24 in the courtyard in front of IU’s Collins Living Learning Center. Nutella Fest is the annual free autumn outdoor music festival honoring of the chocolate hazelnut spread. Nutella…


Young the Giant @ the IU Auditorium 10/20/14

Mondays are usually reserved for a small handful of things – your respective preferred caffeine source, remembering all of the things you forgot to do over the weekend, and a large amount of complaining. The latter of the three may be just me, but you get the picture. This past Monday was chock full of…


Kayo Dot – Coffins on Io

  Release: 10/14/2014 via The Flenser Rating: 6/7 stars “What the fuck am I listening to?” has always been the common response of my friends who hear Kayo Dot’s discography playing in the car and rightly so; as avant-garde metal, it’s very much an acquired taste, like 100% cocoa. They hate it, they hate the…


Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness-Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness

Released: 10/14/2014 4/7 stars Andrew McMahon has been a professional musician since he was 17 when his first band, Something Corporate released their pop-punk debut, Ready…Break. Now, McMahon is 32, a cancer-survivor, a husband and a new father. Suffice to say, it would be ridiculous to expect him to still be creating music that sounds like his…