Conversation Topics for Thanksgiving Dinner

Everyone has a crazy uncle who they know has been watching the news every day since last Thanksgiving to stock up on controversial topics to bring up and divide the table just as everyone is taking their first bite of turkey. However, do not fear, you can take it upon yourself to combat this and make this Thanksgiving the first one where your family watches the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade together in peace.

I Rode a MegaBus to See Mac DeMarco and Would Do It Again

My best friend and I awoke a few hours too early on the floor of my bedroom back at my parents’ house in Indianapolis last Saturday with pounding headaches and heavy eyelids, but it was okay because we were about to do something wild: take a three hour ride on a too hot, too full…

Who’s 2015’s Mac Daddy of Music?

The second half of 2015 has brought listeners a slew of new music from many established and up-and-coming artists, but among the most notable releases are Mac DeMarco, Mac Miller, and Macklemore. This brings up an interesting question to ponder: out of these three men sharing the same root name, who is the “Mac Daddy” of music?

Lil Dicky’s $0 Music Video

In a world where all we hear about are Lamborghinis, bottle service, and jewelry that costs more than a semester at IU, Lil Dicky has become a rap revolutionary. Collaborating with Fetty Wap and, quite ironically, Rich Homie Quan, Dicky produced an anthem all college kids who are balling on a budget will relate to,…