Power Trip – Nightmare Logic

Power Trip – Nightmare Logic 5/7   Dallas, Texas based thrash metal band Power Trip made a big splash in the metal community 2013 with their excellent debut album Manifest Decimation. The album was hardcore, tight, and definitely hit all the right spots when it came to new school thrash metal. Since then, the band has…

all them witches

All Them Witches–Sleeping Through the War

If you like your rock scuzzy, psychedelic with Grateful Dead and Allman Brothers Band inspired jams, a dash of desert rock, all while sounding like Black Sabbath could have written it, ‘Sleeping Through the War’ might be your album of the year.


Ashton Kutcher Delivers Testimony in Senate on Ending Child Sex Trafficking

Actor Ashton Kutcher gave a powerful testimonial in front of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee last week asking for federal support in his fight against child sex trafficking with his foundation ‘Thorn: Digital Defenders of Children’. Thorn was founded in 2009 by Kutcher and his former wife Demi Moore. The organization’s purpose is to develop…