What Are Rap Snacks?

I am not a morning person. If I can get away with not waking up before noon, I will. There aren’t many things that can change that. A couple weeks ago, my mom tossed 3 bags of chips at me after I had worked late the night before. I glanced at them, chuckling at the…

QIUZ: Which Member of Migos Are You?

In a time where rap is dominated by single artists and groups have fallen by the wayside, Migos manages to defy expectations and carve out their space as a trio. Instead of celebrating that, this quiz will tell you what individual Migo you are- Quavo, Offset, or Takeoff.

An Introduction to F L A C O

After his summer hit, “New Things,” F L A C O recently released his newest project, Sleepinginjeans, featuring tracks like “Ice Close” and “Quick” that have hooks that will get stuck in your head for days.

Rick Astley – 50

Rating: 3/7 In 2007, YouTube was a lake of primordial internet soup, and Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” was a fish that grew legs. It crawled onto land, gasping for clicks and relevance, and along the way it formed some lungs. It was rough, but it was all we had. If “Never Gonna…

Chance The Rapper- Coloring Book

Rating: 6/7 “It’s Friday the 13th,” I said in a spooky voice. “Chance’s Coloring Book comes out today,” I said in a slightly less spooky voice. This was no ordinary coloring book, however, as it was not a coloring book at all, but rather a mixtape. “It’s a good thing this was released for free, or else…