OPINION: The Deadly Incoherence of the Modern Republican Party

For years, before and after the Affordable Care Act, also infamously known as “Obamacare” passed, Congressional Republicans used the piece of legislation to delegitimize the Obama administration and the Democratic party as a whole. They claimed that the bill was fundamentally unconstitutional and would lead to a massive rise in federal debt and amass severe…

Trump EO

Trump’s Executive Orders, Explained

This article was written by Evan Spiegel for WIUX News. Since Donald Trump was sworn in as president almost two weeks ago, he has signed what appears to some to be a flurry of executive orders, from building a border wall with Mexico to repealing the Affordable Care Act to banning refugees and more. These…



WIUX will once again be covering Riot Fest taking place this weekend (September 16-18) in Chicago. For those of you traveling to Chicago this weekend for the festival, we’ve created a headbangin’-worthy playlist to pump you up before the bands start thrashing. You can get tickets for Riot Fest here.