Is 2016 the Year the Music Died?

On the morning of April 21, 2016 multiple news outlets began to report the death of Prince Rogers Nelson, better known as simply “Prince”, at the age of 57. The artist, who has gone by a variety of stage names throughout his career (featuring my personal favorite of the untypable symbol), is only the latest…

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Radio Ha Ha episode 1

Listen to the first episode of our brand new comedy show, on the radio! Tune in every other week from 5-6 p.m. on 99.1 to hear the live broadcast. The second episode will air on Feb. 23.

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Pitchfork Music Festival Announces 2015 Lineup

Take a sigh of relief. It’s that time again. Even though the flip-flops and shorts of Summer 2015 may still be far ahead of us, the whisperings of the music festival season are back and better than ever (including those concerning a festival hosted by your favorite college radio station…). The latest installment of hype…

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Gorillaz Artist Jamie Hewlett Announces Band’s Return

Ever since 2012, Gorillaz fans have been forced to live in acceptance of the fact that the band may not be making music again. But after a few years of teasing and “will they, won’t they” anticipation, it has been announced that the world’s favorite (and likely only) cartoon-ape ensemble will be making a comeback.…


Patchwork – All the Good Parts

Released: 12/3/2014 5/7 Stars Bloomington electronic band Patchwork, who made an appearance on the WIUX Morning Show earlier this year, are set to make a very sudden impact in the local scene with the release of their official studio debut, All the Good Parts. The group, made up of frontman Neal Anderson, Joseph Klatt, Mark Edlin, and Austin…

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Foo Fighters – Sonic Highways

Released 11/10/2014 5/7 Stars Foo Fighters are one of the biggest examples of a “love them or hate them” following. People who identify as a fan of the band tend to do it hard, creating die-hard fandom that’s made them one of the biggest rock bands of our time. Their latest studio effort, their eighth album Sonic…