Torres-Three Futures

Scott is questioning the life she chose, or more appropriately the life she has on this record, and that seems to be the overarching theme on this record.

Artists You Shouldn’t Miss At Pitchfork

The lineup this year at Pitchfork is probably one of the best I’ve seen (last year’s was pretty darn good too). Solange, Cherry Glazerr, Mitski, A Tribe Called Quest, Angel Olsen just to name a few. These names are pretty well known in the college radio sphere, but here are a few of the artists…

The Age of the Female Auteur

Female musicians are now the driving force for the art and music world like never before, detailing each new project in eras–a term recently used to describe an album’s aesthetic for that time.

Tennis–Yours Conditionally

Tennis have carefully curated their image and sound and on their latest effort it seems they have it down pat. Dreamy synth pop reminiscent of 1970s disco era, but with a melancholy undertone only the millennial age can understand.


Sampha’s Process is an exciting work of art. It’s an invitation into his world of bedroom recording and it is an exploration of what goes through his mind when he makes music.