“Friend Zone” is Thundercat’s third released single in anticipation for this album and it is my favorite song on the entire album.

The King Khan & BBQ Show @ The Bishop 11/30/2016

King Khan & BBQ Show is a garage rock band from Montreal, Canada.  They are the reincarnation of doo-wap and have been at it for 14 years. This week, they are coming to Bloomington!  If you have heard of them, you may have heard their newer albums Invisible Girl and Bad News Boys with their up-beat, fast…

Mr. Oizo – All Wet

If you listen to a lot of his work, you understand that through what he produces, there are going to be a lot of delightfully weird sound effects. All Wet is no exception to this rule.

Ultimate Painting–Dusk

Dusk is the third full-length album from Ultimate Painting, an indie rock outfit from London. My prior experience with Ultimate Painting came from listening to their first self-titled album.

Car Seat Headrest–Teens of Denial

You are now listening to Car Seat Headrest Release Date 5/20/2016 Rating 6/7 Car Seat Headrest is a lo-fi indie rock project from Leesburg, VA, currently in Seattle, WA.  It is the brainchild of Will Toledo, who self released most of his albums before this one.  This is the 13th released full-length LP in as little…