Car Seat Headrest–Teens of Denial

You are now listening to Car Seat Headrest Release Date 5/20/2016 Rating 6/7 Car Seat Headrest is a lo-fi indie rock project from Leesburg, VA, currently in Seattle, WA.  It is the brainchild of Will Toledo, who self released most of his albums before this one.  This is the 13th released full-length LP in as little…

El Ten Eleven @ The Bishop

El Ten Eleven is a duo made up of (Guitarist/Bassist) Kristian Dunn and (Drummer) Tim Fogarty. The band is all instrumental with accompaniment from various looping pedals, and are one of the most technically impressive bands that is currently playing.

Dr. Dog, the Oddly Ordered Beatles

When reviewing the new Dr. Dog album for music committee some strange feeling came over me. It was Déjà vu, I’ve heard this transition before. I revisited one of my most unpopular opinions that I’ve had about a band called Dr. Dog. “This sounds a lot like The Beatles, but in reverse!”