6 Reasons to Love Snoop Dogg

After reading this article, it’s probably safe to guess I’ll be That Girl dropping it like it’s hot this weekend at his show. Oh well.

Show Review: ByBye with Video Grave and Park Stone

In the up-and-coming neighborhood of Fountain Square in Indianapolis, a new record store called Square Cat Vinyl recently opened. Or, I guess I should probably say a new record store/coffee shop/bar/concert venue recently opened. It’s modern, cool, and one of the things that neighborhood was missing. Then again I might be biased, since my boyfriend’s…

Flume–Skin Companion EP 1

Once just a guy making mixes on his laptop, Flume is now a chart-topping artist, and this EP definitely verifies that his popularity is well-deserved.

Disappear Here–Bad Suns

Released 9/16/16 Rating: 4/7 The first time I heard Bad Suns was shortly after they came to my hometown. I was so upset with myself for not listening earlier because I knew within the first few songs I had missed out on incredible music and a fantastic show. The band has just released their sophomore…