Show Review: ByBye with Video Grave and Park Stone

In the up-and-coming neighborhood of Fountain Square in Indianapolis, a new record store called Square Cat Vinyl recently opened. Or, I guess I should probably say a new record store/coffee shop/bar/concert venue recently opened. It’s modern, cool, and one of the things that neighborhood was missing. Then again I might be biased, since my boyfriend’s…


Flume–Skin Companion EP 1

Once just a guy making mixes on his laptop, Flume is now a chart-topping artist, and this EP definitely verifies that his popularity is well-deserved.


Disappear Here–Bad Suns

Released 9/16/16 Rating: 4/7 The first time I heard Bad Suns was shortly after they came to my hometown. I was so upset with myself for not listening earlier because I knew within the first few songs I had missed out on incredible music and a fantastic show. The band has just released their sophomore…