6 Reasons to Love Snoop Dogg

I could not be more stoked to see this man in concert Saturday night at Loufest. There are many reasons why, which I will outline below, but, most the most important reason is that of his music. Though his first album released in 1997, he is one of those artists many college students have grown up listening to. After reading this article, it’s probably safe to guess I’ll be That Girl dropping it like it’s hot this weekend at his show. Oh well. Here are my 6 reasons why you should love Snoop Dogg as much as I do.

1) His relationship with Martha Stuart

Snoop and Martha go way back. This friendship has lasted for years, and it is safe to say they have supported each other through the good and the bad. They’ve made mashed potatoes together, thrown a potluck dinner, recreated the pottery scene of the classic 1990 film Ghost, roasted Justin Bieber together—the list goes on. They are the wholesome content we all need.

2) The fact he thinks of himself as a meme

Snoop Dogg will, at times, post on his Instagram (@snoopdogg) a selfie with a caption like “Make this a meme.” He lets the internet do the rest while he watches from a distance. He’s a man who loves to make others lives easier, and I respect that.

3) That one time he changed his name to Snoop Lion

The dude strait up changed his name for a brief period of time to Snoop Lion after a trip to Jamaica. Because of the trip, he said he felt “born again.” Snoop switched his style to reggae music and claimed he was “Bob Marley reincarnated.” You have got to love the ambition here, but I am glad he is back to his old ways of hip-hop.

4) He eventually wants to be Scoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg once said, “When I’m no longer rapping, I want to open up an ice cream parlor and call myself Scoop Dogg.” I can’t wait to go to his store.

5) He’s still married to his high school sweetheart

In the age of ghosting and shacking, it’s nice to see a long-lasting and committed relationship such as Snoop and Shante’s. These high school sweethearts just celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary in June. Shante even lets him play Xbox out in their shed. The rapper lovingly posted a photo of the two of them at prom to celebrate their 19th wedding anniversary.

6) His pig tail phase

Need I say more?