Free Mixes From IU’s Hottest Student DJs


Friends, family, lovers: Alec & Alex here to tickle your ears with the first three episodes of B-SIDE TONIGHT, our weekly showcase for IU’s premier student DJs and producers from the WIUX DJ Collective. Tune in to WIUX’s B-Side Fridays at 11 PM to listen to the mix live or download and listen to any of the mixes anytime from our Soundcloud stream.

Episode 1: Sweater Disco & Nick Rivera

Los Angeles native Nick Rivera has been on the dance music scene since he was in 7th grade. He got started by DJing school dances and any other gig he could get his hands on. During high school, Rivera explored genres like hip-hop and future bass.  These days Rivera likes to throw down house and deep house. His impressive technical mixing skills combined with his high-energy song selections make him a premier party DJ at IU.

Michael  McReynolds, AKA Sweater Disco, has been DJing and producing for four years. Sweater Disco got his start playing at a school event called Tailgation Nation, where students came to the parking lot at 4 AM to tailgate before school. “I was known for my expansive sweater collection, so I go by Sweater Disco.” Sweater Disco likes to spin house and hip-hop.

Episode 2: Sam Baker

After five years of single-mindedly tearing up his fingertips playing blues guitar, Sam Baker, AKA Tallman, found himself back in his hometown of Valparaiso, where he promoted a friends’ DJ duo, “The Magic Liquor Train Experience.”  The tunes he heard, the deeper grooves of electronic music culture and endless sonic potential pierced the core of his being and suddenly he wanted to be Lorin Ashton more than he wanted to be Jimi Hendrix.

Tallman started learning how to mix and digging for tracks that would move people and lead them into unfamiliar space. “My tastes have definitely shifted since coming down to Bloomington. I used to mix a lot more rock and hip-hop in, but now I just look for those elements in different dance tunes.  For me to pull a song off the web, it has to have that future feel and still have a past.  It’s the organic panic.  People are getting sick and tired of heartless EDM and they’re collectively discovering there’s far more out there to hear.  Music doesn’t have to be 130+ beats per minute just to move people,” Tallman says. His favorite track right now: Manic Science – You Gotta Move

Episode 3: James Varek

James Vavrek, AKA Jimbo Vavs produces a variety of music that includes live recordings and electronically produced songs. Jimbo Vavs was always intrigued by how DJing works so he started messing around with the mechanics of it this summer. According to Jimbo, “I seem to enjoy it, and hope to play events soon. I grew up listening to a ton of metal and punk music, then opened up to pretty much every other genre after high school. I like to play/listen to anything that gets me wanting to dance and get groovy … or get turnt.  Lil B is My Friend”


B-SIDE TONIGHT airs Friday nights at 11 PM on B-Side and is hosted by Alec Steinmetz & Alex Webster.

By Alec Steinmetz & Alex Webster