Music for your Monday

It’s been a long weekend of tailgating shenanigans so I hope everyone is well rested and has recovered enough to enjoy this week’s edition of Music for your Monday.

Ask any of my friends and they’ll tell you that I’ve been really into Drake lately. It’s true. I’ve been really into this track in particular mostly because of the line about Drake playing at a bar mitzvah because it’s really making me regret not booking him back in 2007 for my bat mitzvah.

I don’t really ever think that Foxygen sounds like Bob Dylan, but in the song it’s nearly impossible not to hear Dylan’s whiny (in the best way possible) vocals. Only thing missing is the harmonica, but then again that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

The last time I enjoyed a song that was this emo was probably early 2010. Everything about this music video screams “I WROTE DASHBOARD CONFESSIONAL LYRICS ON MY BLACK CONVERSE WHEN I WAS 14 AND I HAD A LOT OF EMOTIONS.” I love it.

Haim covering Beyonce. No this is not a drill. You’re welcome.

Dej Loaf if an up-and-coming rapper from Detroit and she spits fire smoother than anyone in the rap game. Slight exaggeration but give this track a listen (or ten) and you’ll know what I mean. The second half of the song will have you begging for a Dej Loaf/Drake collab. Spring 2015?

This album comes out in two weeks and then I promise I’ll stop talking about an artist that hasn’t really been relevant since 2006 (BUT I DON’T CARE I’M SO EXCITED)

Lorde is in charge of creating the soundtrack for the next Hunger Games movie and she released this single which will be included on the soundtrack. As per usual, she kills it.
Until next Monday………..

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