Little 500: A Freshman’s Perspective

As a freshman here at Indiana when I first arrived at campus it was easy to immediately see how huge bike racing is here. Whenever walking around campus, I would see people riding bikes to and from class and up treacherous Fee Mountain. While some people are riding for leisure, most people riding are beginning their training for the storied Little 500 race.


With two family members already attending IU, I knew of Little 500 from them but I wasn’t really sure how much of an impact it had on campus and all around Indiana. Other than just here in Bloomington, the Little 5 race is very popular in the whole state of Indiana. People of all ages come to see the race every year and fill up the stands of Bill Armstrong Stadium.


Just from watching videos and hearing from people about the Little 5, it has me really excited. People across the country say it’s one of the best college weeks in the country and everyone who comes has a great time. Other than the R-rated events that happen during the week most people say the race is an awesome atmosphere to be in.

As a high school athlete and lifetime sports fan I always love being a part of huge crowds and a lot of energy. It’s easy to see from the videos how packed the stands are of the stadium and how passionate the fans are for their respective teams. As Little 5 week comes to an end, the excitement is building and I can’t wait to see what’s in store.