Cutters Gunning for Record 13th Little 500 Win

Indiana University, known for its beautiful campus, rich basketball tradition, the Kinsey Institute, the Kelley School of Business, but maybe most of all the Little 500. The race, made famous by the Oscar nominated Best Picture, Breaking Away, is now in its 63rd year.

The Cutters, a team not in existence before the movie, is now the all-time leader in race wins, with 12. Being on the Cutters racing team is an honor many in the Bloomington racing community wish they could be a part of, but is reserved for just a select few.

Logan Kuhn, a sophomore from Springfield, Ill., knows how highly regarded it is to wear the iconic Cutters jersey.

“Being on the Cutters means so much to me,” Kuhn said. “The amount of training we do as a team together has made us all close and we have been improving on everything. The amount of support always keeps me motivated as well.”

What Kuhn loves about the team are the tight bonds and friendships that are built. Once you are on Cutters, you are always a Cutter.

“I plan on being a Cutter for the rest of my life,” Kuhn said. “With all of the training we do together as a team and with alumni, we become very close with our teammates and alumni riders as well. It is more life a friendship that grows stronger with time.”

This year, Kuhn will only be able to watch the race from the sidelines, barring any unlikely scenario where one of his teammates cannot race. He has been used throughout the Spring Series, but is still working on his endurance for the 200-lap race.

“I am a sprinter right now,” Kuhn said. “I plan on working on that more and more the rest of this year and then building more endurance for next year.”

Saturday will be the end of a long journey to race day, and Kuhn expects nothing but the Cutters team to race as hard as they can.

“I really can’t expect anything other than for everyone to give it their all and work together as a team like we have been,” Kuhn said. “We are all ready and we know what we have to do.”

-Ethan Gaba